At Cascadia Dental Specialists, we use advanced technology to provide you with premium dental care. Our laser dentistry treatments are part of our commitment to being ahead of the curve.

We use the DEKA CO2 dental laser, which provides absolute accuracy and efficiency in microsurgical procedures. It also lets our doctors perform procedures that are more precise, controlled and comfortable than those they might do by hand. 

This means you get optimal clinical conditions and prognoses for your postoperative recovery. Discover some of our services that involve laser dentistry, and see whether it seems right for you.

Pocket Reduction Surgery

During pocket reduction surgery, we use laser dentistry to kill bacteria we may find in your gum (periodontal) pockets. It’s also safe to use around existing dental work that’s close to the areas we clean.

Book an appointment for pocket reduction surgery using laser dentistry, or contact us to learn more.

Root Canal Decontamination

Your root canal treatments become more sterile and less invasive with laser dentistry. For example, dental lasers help us thoroughly remove bacteria and debris after your root canal procedure.

Contact us to learn about laser treatments for root canal procedures, or schedule an appointment now.

Tooth Uncovering

During an orthodontic tooth uncovering (aka tooth exposure), we uncover teeth that your gumline covers and move them to their natural position. This prevents root damage to your adjacent teeth. 

Laser dentistry helps us perform the procedure quickly and accurately.

Schedule an appointment for a tooth uncovering procedure, or contact us to learn more.


If you wear or plan to wear dentures, you may need vestibuloplasty. We enlarge the denture-bearing area to make sure your dentures are comfortable, stable and functional. 

Laser treatments make the procedure much less invasive. We can also more precisely heighten and/or widen the place where your dentures fit.

Contact us to learn about our vestibuloplasty process, or schedule an appointment today.


We usually perform a frenectomy with grafts. During the procedure, we cut soft tissue (frenum) joining the area between your two front teeth. This reduces the space between your teeth as the area heals.

Our laser treatments help us perform the procedure exactly and noninvasively.

Schedule an appointment for a laser frenectomy, or contact us with any questions.

Sore Vaporizing

Mouth sores can be incredibly painful and require treatment. 

Laser dentistry gives us a painstaking, sterile way to vaporize sores and lesions in and around your mouth. This method also reduces your risk of scarring and lingering pain. 

Contact us for more information about sore vaporizing with laser treatments, or schedule an appointment.


A gingivectomy — surgically removing gum tissue — is our most common dental laser procedure. 

During the treatment, we use lasers to extract gum tissue cleanly and swiftly. You might get a gingivectomy for multiple reasons, such as restorative or cosmetic work.

Book an appointment for a laser gingivectomy, or contact us with any questions.

Gum Whitening, Lightening and Bleaching

You may want a gum-whitening procedure (aka gum bleaching or gum lightening) if your gums are dark or discolored. We use state-of-the-art lasers to lighten and smooth the affected tissue. Afterward, you have brighter, healthier-looking gums.

You normally undergo a laser gum-whitening procedure for cosmetic purposes.

Contact us for more information about gum whitening, lightening and bleaching, or schedule an appointment.

Implant Disinfection

You may have an infected and inflamed dental implant (aka peri-implantitis) for a number of reasons. We use premier lasers to clean and disinfect your implant

Compared to traditional methods, lasers provide much easier, more sterile and more targeted disinfection. You’re also less likely to experience residual pain after the procedure.

Schedule an appointment for implant disinfection using a dental laser, or contact us with any questions.

Gum Biopsy

A gum biopsy checks for abnormal cells and tissues, such as those indicating oral cancer

Dental lasers help us perform your gum biopsy by cleanly removing a sample of gum tissue. We then send your tissue sample for further testing and diagnosis.

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