At Cascadia Dental Specialists, we are equipped with the latest and most advanced technology and use recommended high-tech, touch-free sterilization procedures to maintain the highest standard of quality. Our focus on patient care and comfort is unprecedented, and the tools we have at our disposal help us give you the best possible experience in dental care. 

DEKA CO2 Dental Laser, dental laser for dental procedures

DEKA CO2 Dental Laser

Our laser dentistry uses the DEKA CO2 dental laser for dental procedures that are more precise, controlled, and comfortable than those done by hand. This CO2 laser is proven to provide absolute accuracy and efficiency in microsurgical applications, resulting in optimal clinical conditions and prognoses for postoperative recovery.

PreXion3D Dental Imaging Scanner

The PreXion3D Dental Imaging Scanner provides three-dimensional, high-resolution dental images with speedy scanning times and significantly lower radiation compared to traditional CT scans.

PreXion3D Dental Imaging Scanner

SimPlant Software

To complement our digital 3D imaging, Cascadia Dental Specialists uses SimPlant software technology, a sophisticated and interactive tool for accurate planning and positioning of dental implants. By means of a computer and template-planned implantology, we can now achieve esthetic results that are rarely obtained (if ever) with conventional procedures.


For safe and accurate implant placement, SurgiGuide drill guides are custom-manufactured for each patient’s specific needs. SurgiGuide converts the simulated implant’s exact dimensions — including width, angulation, and depth — into a surgical guide and enables us to drill exactly to the planned implant location. Some of the many benefits of this computerized navigation include shortened surgery time, heightened accuracy, and reduced use of materials.

SurgiGuide drill guides for safe and accurate implant placement


Replacing the harsh noise of a dental drill with an ultrasonic pulse, the dental Piezotome is an ultrasonic generator that focuses on compassionate care and atraumatic extraction. Piezotome cubes preserve bone and soft tissue for immediate implant replacement, precise cutting, and blood-free surgical sites. Our patients will experience a more comfortable operation and a better healing process after an extraction using Piezotome.


We are now using VELscope®, an exciting new FDA-approved technological tool developed to quickly and accurately detect oral cancer. Call our office today to schedule your oral cancer screening. 

VELscope is a technology platform that detects irregularities, abnormalities, and changes in human tissue fluorescence that could point to oral cancers. A safe, blue light shines into the oral cavity and causes the tissue to fluoresce. This helps us to differentiate what is healthy tissue and what could be abnormal oral mucosal lesions based on the difference in appearance.

Illustration of VELscope, FDA-approved technological tool


Digital Intraoral X-Ray and Camera

Intraoral X-rays are the most common dental X-rays and are taken with the X-ray film on the inside of the mouth. Bite-wing X-rays show the top and bottom teeth, their crown, and the level of supporting bone in one area of the mouth; periapical X-rays show the whole tooth from crown to beyond the root; and occlusal X-rays track the placement of a complete arch of teeth in the upper or lower jaw. 

The intraoral X-ray cameras are state-of-the-art tools used to assist our patients in understanding their diagnosis and need for treatment. These cameras take professional-quality before and after photos to showcase results of procedures such as gum grafts, bone grafts, and crown lengthening.