Dental implants create a strong foundation for an artificial tooth or permanent bridge while looking and feeling just like your natural teeth. 

Our doctors help you find the best implant solution for your dental needs, from full-mouth implants to single-tooth replacements. Learn more about our dental implant process here.

Titanium Endosteal Implants

Titanium endosteal implants are common metal implants shaped like screws or cylinders that we set in your jawbone. 

During surgery, we sedate you and then place titanium implants into drilled holes in your jawbone. Each implant protrudes through the gum to hold one or more replacement teeth. 

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Nonmetal Implants

Are metal implants not your preference? We also offer completely metal-free ceramic implants.

Zirconia Nonmetal Implants

We offer dental implants made of zirconia, a biocompatible ceramic material, as an alternative to titanium implants. 

Zirconia implants come with multiple benefits:

  • Low allergic potential
  • Seamless blending with natural teeth, aesthetically and without rejection
  • Corrosion resistance

As a strong, fracture-resistant option, zirconia implants may be the best choice for you.

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NobelPearl™ Nonmetal Implants

NobelPearl ceramic implant, a metal free alternative to titanium implants

The NobelPearl dental implant is another metal-free ceramic alternative to titanium implants.

Its manufacturer, Nobel Biocare, designs NobelPearl implants to support soft tissue attachment with low inflammation. In other words, your mouth heals more easily and less painfully. Meanwhile, plaque is less likely to collect on your implant.

The white zirconia material also looks and feels natural amid your existing teeth. Depending on your dental situation, NobelPearl implants may be your ideal option.

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All-on-X® Implants

We provide All-on-4®, or All-on-X®, dental implants. Also from Nobel Biocare, these implants are a noninvasive way to replace sets of teeth in one day. 

During this prosthodontic procedure, we can attach up to six dental implants on your available bone. 

We first use a temporary set of teeth until the implants heal and bond. Your implants can be straight or slightly tilted to avoid the need for bone grafting. After you heal, we replace the temporary teeth with a permanent set of teeth. 

All-on-X provides you with an instant, implant-supported, full-arch prosthesis on the same day as your clinic visit!

If you’re missing teeth and want a quick, noninvasive procedure that leaves you with stable, healthy and comfortable teeth, All-on-X is for you. Your smile will be as good as new! 

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