Dental implants will help you create a strong foundation for an artificial tooth or permanent bridge while looking and feeling just like your natural teeth. From full-mouth implants to single-tooth replacements, our implant specialists at Cascadia Dental can help you find the best implant solution for your specific dental needs.

Titanium Endosteal Implants

Titanium endosteal implants are common metal implants shaped like screws or cylinders set in the jawbone. During surgery, titanium implants are placed into drilled holes in the jawbone. Each of these implants protrude through the gum in order to hold one or more replacement teeth. Cascadia Dental also offers 100% metal-free ceramic implants.

Non-Metal Implants

Zirconia Non-Metal Implants

Cascadia Dental offers 100% metal-free dental implants made of zirconia, a biocompatible ceramic material, as an alternative to titanium implants. These implants come with several benefits. Zirconia implants have low allergic potential, seamlessly blend in with natural teeth both aesthetically and without rejection, and are corrosion resistant.

NobelPearl™ Non-Metal Implants

NobelPearl ceramic implant, a metal free alternative to titanium implants

The NobelPearl™ ceramic implant is a 100% metal free alternative to titanium implants. This implant is designed to support soft-tissue attachment with a low inflammatory response. The zirconia white material is proven to promote natural harmony with soft tissue and has demonstrated low plaque affinity, making it an excellent non-metal implant choice.

All-on-X® Implants

Cascadia Dental offers All-on-4®, or All-on-X® dental implants, which act as a non-invasive alternative procedure to replace sets of teeth in one day. This prosthodontic procedure attaches up to six dental implants on available bone with a temporary set of teeth until the implants heal and bond. The implants can be both straight and slightly tilted to avoid the need for bone-grafting procedures. All-on-X® provides an instant, implant-supported, full-arch prosthesis on the same day as the procedure.

If you’re missing teeth and would like a quick, noninvasive procedure that will leave you with a new, stable, healthy and comfortable smile, you are a perfect candidate for All-on-X®. Once you’re all healed up, a new permanent set of teeth will replace the temporary ones, and your smile will be as good as new.