Our doctors and dental hygienists have decades of experience in regular cleaning and preventive exams (prophylaxis), deep cleaning, periodontal exams and endodontic exams. 

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Dental Cleanings

We provide regular above-gumline and below-gumline periodontal cleaning. We also offer root planing, a process where we smooth and clean the tooth root.

Regular Dental Cleaning

Regular cleaning, aka prophylaxis, is for teeth without any bone loss, exposed roots or periodontal disease. During this procedure, we remove tartar, plaque and stains from above and very slightly below your gumline. 

Your dental cleaning can also include an X-ray exam, where we can see whether (or how much) your bone and gums have recessed. If you have healthy teeth, we recommend getting regular cleanings two to three times a year.

Deep Dental Cleaning

A deep cleaning, aka “scaling and root planing” or “gum therapy,” is a noninvasive, nonsurgical procedure. 

We carefully clean tartar buildup and bacteria from above and below the gumline, down to the tooth root and bottom of the periodontal pockets. During root planing, we smooth the tooth root to reattach the gum to the tooth. 

We sometimes follow up with adjunctive therapy, including systemic antibiotics and antimicrobials. This therapy boosts your cleaning’s effectiveness. Still, you need to perform ongoing care and upkeep after a deep dental cleaning. 

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Dental Exams

We offer comprehensive periodontal and endodontic exams to make sure your teeth and gums are — and stay — healthy.

Periodontal Exams

During a periodontal exam, we carefully look at your gums to determine whether your gums are receding. We also study your tooth alignment and stability. It’s an extensive exam, but you feel little to no discomfort.

Our specialists use a periodontal probe to measure the depth of the gum pockets around your teeth and evaluate your gums’ health. With periodontal charting (a gum chart), we detail decay, damage, restorations, mobility, pocket depths and bleeding sites. 

We update this chart with each exam to track your dental health progress.

Endodontic Exams

Our endodontists perform root canal treatments, endodontic surgeries and dental implants to save and protect your natural teeth. We use innovative tools and methods, and pain is minimal.

During a root canal treatment, we remove bacteria and infection around the root canal to save your natural tooth and prevent reinfection. We also remove infected pulp, then clean and seal the inside of your tooth.

An endodontic exam can include retreatment after failed root canals. We remove filling materials, examine the tooth and look for additional infection. Next, we remove any infection, then clean and reshape the canals.

We also offer endodontic surgery. During endodontic surgery, we can remove calcium deposits, treat damaged roots and/or tend to damaged bone around your teeth.

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Additional Dental Exams

Cascadia Dental Specialists offers specialized testing alongside general dental cleanings and exams. Our state-of-the-art tools and technologies enhance both your dental health and overall health.

Oral Cancer Screening Exams With VELscope®

We use VELscope, a technology platform, to conduct noninvasive oral cancer screenings. This sophisticated device lets us easily and quickly find any abnormalities during dental exams. 

How so? VELscope detects irregularities and changes in human tissue that could point to oral cancers. We shine a safe blue light into your mouth, which causes the tissue to glow (aka fluoresce). 

This helps us discern healthy tissue from unhealthy tissue. It also tells us what could be abnormal sores or spots (oral mucosal lesions) based on any difference in appearance.

Periodontal Bacterial Pathogen Exams With MyPerioPath® and Alert2®

We offer periodontal bacterial pathogen tests as well as infection and disease tests. These clarify how far along gingivitis or periodontitis is and whether it’s mild, medium or advanced. 

We use MyPerioPath to detect oral pathogens that could cause gum disease. This test identifies pathogens and oral bacteria early. We examine the results further to check your risk for cardiovascular disease, stroke and/or diabetes. 

Alert2 warns us of worrisome oral pathogens and establishes your genetic risk factors. We use this test to personalize your treatment and identify other potential health issues.

Oral HPV Exams With OraRisk®

We provide OraRisk HPV, a saliva-based oral DNA test, to determine whether you’ve contracted oral human papillomavirus (HPV). Some oral HPV types can develop into oral cancer without clear clinical signs or symptoms. Finding oral HPV early is key to pinpointing whether you have a virus subtype that can lead to cancer. 

This test identifies 51 types of oral HPV, from high-risk to low-risk to unknown-risk genotypes. The OraRisk HPV test helps us know if you have an increased risk of oral cancer. Then, we can see whether you need treatment or an immediate referral.

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