At Cascadia Dental, we are continuously striving to better serve our patients. This philosophy on patient care doesn’t stop at the clinical level, but expands to include reducing dental anxiety in our community.

Oftentimes referring to a specialist can be an intimidating experience for patients, especially if they don’t regularly visit a dental clinic. Our office avoids the typical, overly clinical dental office look and embraces a more comfortable and family-oriented aesthetic so everyone feels comfortable and at-ease. From our warm and inviting lobby to our high-quality and ultra comfortable dental chairs, we want our patients to feel a sense of rest and relaxation when they enter our doors.

Cascadia Dental Specialists also strives to provide a relaxing and pleasant visit through a variety of soothing techniques. As our patients walk into our office, they experience the delight of aromatherapy, hear soft music, and feel the warm welcome from our staff. Our patients are offered complimentary beverages as well as the use of a fully equipped spa room.

Our Office

Please enjoy a complimentary beverage and use of our satellite TV and WiFi during your visit.

Satellite TV

Complimentary Beverages

Guest Wi-Fi

Spa Amenities

We aim to set your mind at ease by offering the following amenities for your comfort:
  • Aqua massage bed – reduces stress and anxiety and increases circulation
  • Herbal eye and neck pillows – increases comfort while reducing headaches and anxiety
  • Aromatherapy – soothing essential oils to calm the mind
White and pink flowers over a table with scents, aromatherapy to calm the mind