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Piezotome - The Ultrasonic dental bone surgery

The New innovation in Bone Surgery. The Piezotome is an exciting modality that enables us to incise bone without disturbing soft tissue. The device generate ultrasonic vibrations which cut bone without harming soft tissues, such as nerves, sinus membranes, and gum tissue.

This pioneering device is powerful, precise and silent. The device is designed for delicate bone procedures such as: Sinus lift, ridge expansion and ridge augmentation, bone harvesting, Osteotomy and Osteoplasty, and all periodontic, endodontic, and orthodontic procedures. The Piezotome is simply a better way to perform bone surgery. It is the answer to the difficulties encountered with traditional instruments because of the following facts:
  • Very thin, precise and effortless incisions

  • Soft tissue preservation

  • Acute tactile sense (low vibrations)

  • Limited risk of membrane perforation

  • Perfect visibility of operative field

  • Haemostatic effect

  • Less postoperative pain

  • Rapid healing

With the Piezotome, we can now precisely cut bone during augmentation procedures enhancing the final results and expanding deficient areas of bone to accommodate implant placement.

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